S106 agreements

Developers or landowners may be asked to provide contributions for infrastructure in several ways. This may be through the Community Infrastructure Levy  or planning obligations, which include Section 106 Agreements (under the Town and Country Planning Act) and Section 278 Agreements (under the Highways Act). In addition, developers will have to comply with any conditions attached to the related planning application.

Contributions can relate to the provision of education provision, library facilities, fire service provision, green infrastructure and public rights of way open space (Broadland's Guidance document, South Norfolk Guidance document) and affordable housing. 

These obligations are legal agreements which are negotiated between us and a developer or landowner as part of their planning application.

For agreements completed after 1/4/2022, monitoring fees have been introduced. These will be charged per obligation within the agreement. (Please note that this will be separate to monitoring fees charged by Norfolk County Council). 

Development size

1 – 10 dwellings

11 – 50 dwellings

51 – 200 dwellings

201 – 400 dwellings

400+ dwellings or Multi-Phase/Strategic Site

Fee per obligation 24/25£245£367£490£613Bespoke
Maximum total fee 24/25£2,452£3,679£4,905£6,131Bespoke

You can read any of the section 106 agreements in force in Broadland by looking them up by the parish where the development was or is going to be built - see the list that follows:

To view an agreement relating to a site within South Norfolk you need to go to South Norfolk planning applications and enter the planning application number of the relevant development. Any section 106 or 278 agreement will be listed alongside all the other documents relating to that application.

The councils are required to publish an Annual Infrastructure Funding Statement before the 31 December each year reporting on the collection and utilisation of CIL and S106 monies. These are available upon request.

S106 agreements for Broadland can be found below