Compliments, suggestions and complaints

If you have a compliment, a suggestion for how we can improve our services, or a complaint, we want to hear from you.

Ask us to sort something out

Make a report if there is something we need to sort right away, for example:

  • I want to make a noise complaint
  • my bin has been missed (please do not report this before 4 pm on your collection day as the crews may still be out)
  • a fly-tip needs clearing
  • I need to report a change in my circumstances

For highways issues; potholes, roadworks, pavements etc. please contact Norfolk County Council

Tell us that we did something well

We are always pleased to know that we are providing a good service or that our staff are doing a good job.

It helps us to know we are developing services in the right way, and we always pass your comments on to members of staff.

Broadland residents - submit a compliment 

South Norfolk residents - submit a compliment  

Make a suggestion

If you have an idea for improving services, or you want to comment on what we do, we would like to hear from you.

Broadland residents - make a suggestion 

South Norfolk residents - make a suggestion 

Tell us what went wrong

Make a complaint if you want to tell us there's a problem that we need to investigate.  We want to hear from you when something goes wrong so we can put it right. 

For example:

  • you are not happy with how you have been treated
  • you feel we have delivered a poor service

Broadland residents - make a complaint

South Norfolk residents - make a complaint 

Unhappy with the conduct of a councillor

Please let us know if you are: