Street naming and numbering

We are responsible for:

  • officially naming new streets
  • allocating official property numbers to all new properties
  • renumbering existing properties
  • renaming streets
  • making sure Royal Mail are told about new or amended property addresses, so they can assign postcodes
  • making sure the emergency services are told about all new and amended property addresses
  • the repair and maintenance of street nameplates

These functions will be undertaken as set out in our street naming and numbering policy and this also sets out the charges for the service. 

Renaming or adding a name to an existing property

You can change your property name or add a name to an existing numbered property. 

Please complete the adding or renaming application form and email it to the relevant Council (contact details are in the form). 

Please note that once a property has been allocated a number, a name cannot be used instead of that number. It is permissible to use a name alongside the number, but the official address will only use the number.

If you don't own the property we will require written/emailed consent from the owner before we can make any changes to the address.

Street names and numbering for new properties

If you have new properties that you have planning permission to build or have started to build, only the council has the authority to create official addresses. Part of this process will involve contacting Royal Mail for postcode allocation. This is needed so that the utility services can be laid on.

For new street names, we encourage developers to discuss proposed streetnames with the relevant Town or Parish council before submitting them to us. Please note that the following names cannot used:

  • those of living persons (except in rare special circumstances)
  • those of developing firms
  • those that could be confused with street names already in use in the area

Details about suitable names are included in the streetnaming policies above.

Once an address has been agreed and designated, we pass it to Royal Mail to have a postcode assigned. Royal Mail will add new addresses to their system but the address will not show on their website until the property is complete.

When the property is ready for occupation, please e mail us and we will also notify Royal Mail.

Your address will then appear in the Royal Mail address look up within 48 hours. It can take several months for utilities, sat navs, Google, Bing and other search engines to show new addresses in their systems. This will happen as external companies update their own databases with the latest address products and we and Royal Mail have no jurisdiction over this.

We will also send the completed addresses to the Emergency Services and other public sector contacts that will need to know.

To create a name or number for a new property or name a new street please complete the application form giving details of the planning application reference number, the approved layout plan and the proposed street names and e mail it to the relevant Council, (contact details are in the form). 

Damaged or missing street nameplates

To report a damaged or missing street nameplate please provide us with details of the location of the sign, why you consider it needs repairing/replacing and if possible, provide a photograph. 

For Broadland please complete the online form or contact us by email.

For South Norfolk please email.