Adopted Broadland Local Plan

Broadland's current local plan is made up of several documents as set out below. These documents set out the general and specific planning policies and also contain detailed local policies. They aim to help planning officers and applicants to achieve high standard of development in the district and they are the main guide to determining planning applications.

Joint Core Strategy DPD

The Joint Core Strategy DPD (JCS DPD) adopted 2011, amendments adopted January 2014, sets out policies in the Greater Norwich Area, which is developed in partnership between Broadland, Norwich and South Norfolk Councils. You can read more information on the Greater Norwich Growth Board website as well as view the JCS documents. These documents include the Changes to the Local Plan Policies Map for Joint Core Strategy (Broadland part) 2014, which includes the settlement limits within the Growth Triangle area. 

Download the Joint Core Strategy documents

Development Management DPD

The Development Management DPD (DM DPD), adopted August 2015, aims to further the objectives set out in the National Planning Policy Framework (NPPF) and the Joint Core Strategy (Broadland, Norwich and South Norfolk).

Download the Development Management DPD documents

Site Allocations DPD

The Site Allocations DPD (SA DPD), adopted May 2016, identifies areas of land in Broadland for specific types of development, for example housing, employment, community facilities, retail, recreation etc. It also shows boundary and settlement limits for places where development is expected to take place.

Download the Site Allocations DPD documents

Growth Triangle Area Action Plan

The Growth Triangle Area Action Plan (GT AAP), adopted July 2016, specifically applies to the areas of Rackheath, Old Catton, Sprowston, Thorpe St Andrew and other parishes which are not covered by the Site Allocations DPD.

The Joint Core Strategy identified these areas for major urban development concentrating on growth that can support local services such as transport links, secondary education, healthcare, and green infrastructure.

A large amount of the development planned for the Growth Triangle is already approved with planning permissions. This includes:

  • 600 homes, local shops, a community building and open space at Brook Farm (north of Dussindale),
  • 21 hectares of employment space north of the developed part of the Broadland Business Park
  • 64,000 square metres of employment space east of the Broadland Business Park.
  • a new urban extension of 3,520 homes, 18,800 square metres of employment space and a wide range of services/facilities and open space in North Sprowston and Old Catton.

Download the Growth Triangle Area Action Plan documents

Neighbourhood Plans

There are several Neighbourhood Plans in our district that have been adopted by the authority and also form part of the current local plan. These can be viewed on the Neighbourhood Planning pages.

Alongside these documents there are also Supplementary Planning Documents that can be found here.



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