Litter bins, dog bins and street cleaning (including dead animals)

In South Norfolk all litter and dog bins are installed by and are the responsibility of the town or parish council however South Norfolk empty these bins. If your enquiry is regarding additional bins for your area or the frequency they are collected, we are unable to help, and you will need to contact your local town or parish council.

In Broadland litter and dog bins are the responsibility of either Broadland District Council, the parish or town council or private land owner, but Broadland District Council empty many bins and are able to assist with most enquiries. We offer a commercial bin service for private land.

In both districts dead animals on the edge of the highway will be cleared within five working days where we are able and it is safe to do.

In both districts litter picking and street sweeping are carried out regularly.

Please report any issues with the emptying of dog and litter bins, litter, street cleaning or to report a dead animal on highway below

If you are unsure which district you fall under, please check your local council before submitting the form below.

Report a litter, dog bin, street cleaning (including dead animals) in Broadland

Report a litter, dog bin, street cleaning (including dead animals) in South Norfolk