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Customer notice: 15 April 2024
Broadland residents only

We are aware of some issues relating to Garden Waste Direct Debit payments today. We are working with our banking provider to rectify this issue and customers who have been affected will be contacted to confirm future payments. For those affected, the issue will not result in the suspension of collections or the removal of your Garden Waste bin, and there is no need to contact us.  Thanks for your cooperation.


We offer a garden waste collection service, supplying you with a brown garden waste bin which will be collected every two weeks (except over Christmas and New Year). Your bin must be placed out for collection by 6:30am for both Broadland and South Norfolk. We ask all residents place their property name/number onto all their bins to enable our crews to correctly identify which property the bin belongs to. This can be done using stickers or permanant marker. This will ensure a more efficient service and we thank you for your cooperation.

All material collected is locally composted.

If you move within your district and wish to carry on with the service, fill out a change of address form and take the bin with you, please use the links below to tell us and select change of address when asked if you want to order or your moving..

You can order as many brown garden waste bins as you like. Unfortunately, we do not accept American Express cards.

If you are unable to place your bin out the front of your property on collection day, as there may be options for us to help you. Failure to contact us before the first collection could cause distruption to your service.

The following items can be placed in the brown bin:

  • hedge and shrub clippings (excluding invasive plants or toxic species such as Yew, Japanese Knotweed, Rhododendron, Ragwort, Hemlock, and Himalayan Balsam)
  • cut flowers and plant pruning’s
  • grass cuttings (not those treated with Clopyralid or Aminopyralid weed killer)
  • small branches (4" diameter or less)
  • twigs and weeds
  • leaves

The cost is £67 a year for each brown bin ordered now which must be paid by card. If you join during the financial year the amount will be pro rata. However if you go on to set up a Direct Debit for future years it would be at a reduced cost.

Please note, you are a new customer if you do not currently pay for a brown bin or have recently moved in and are not paying for a garden waste bin. If you are an existing customer and ordering another bin, when asked if there is a garden waste bin at the property this is referring to the bin you are ordering.

Please be aware that garden waste collections cease during the two weeks of Christmas. 

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