Garden waste collection service

close up of a mans hands putting leaves into a brown garden waste bin

We offer a garden waste collection service, supplying you with a brown garden waste bin which will be collected every two weeks (except over Christmas and New Year). Your bin must be placed out for collection by 6:30am for both Broadland and South Norfolk. We ask all residents place their property name/number onto all their bins to enable our crews to correctly identify which property the bin belongs to. This can be done using stickers or permanant marker This will ensure a more efficient service and we thank you for your cooperation.

All material collected is locally composted.

You can take the bin with you if you move house within your district, please use the links below to tell us.

You can order as many brown garden waste bins as you like. Unfortunately we do not accept American Express cards.

If you are unable to place your bin out the front of your property on collection day, please do not order a bin on the below links.

If you are unsure which district you fall under, please check your local council before submitting the form below.

Broadland residents - order and pay for a garden waste bin
South Norfolk residents - order and pay for a garden waste bin  
Please contact us if your bin is unable to be placed outside the front of your property on collection day so we can discuss arrangements before placing your garden waste order so we do not cause a distruption to your service.

Arrange a garden waste bin in Broadland if your bin cannot be presented

Arrange a garden waste bin in South Norfolk if your bin cannot be presented