Composting your garden waste

garden waste in a compost bin with garden fork sitting in it

The best way to deal with your garden waste is to compost it. Composting is a simple method to reduce waste and to create free fertilizer to use on your garden.

Recycle Now provide some guidance on what can be composted at home and how this can be done

How to compost your garden waste

There are four ways to compost your garden waste:

  1. Sign up to our garden waste service.
  2. Buy a home composter. Get Composting offer reduced price compost bins for Norfolk residents. You can also buy a wide range of items to help you make the most of your garden as well as a guide for achieving the best quality of home compost.
  3. Join or set up a community compost scheme.
  4. Take your garden waste to a local Norfolk County Council recycling centre.