Homelessness strategy

The Greater Norwich Homelessness Strategy 2020 to 2025 continues the collaborative approach to tackling homelessness in Greater Norwich; bringing together local authority partners, housing agencies and health organisations.

The strategy sets out to protect those at risk of homelessness in the Greater Norwich area which includes the Norwich City Council area as well as Broadland and South Norfolk.

By putting people at the heart of our service delivery we can create a wrap-around offer that helps people to take control of their own circumstances earlier, and stopping them from becoming homeless will be our main aim.

The strategy has four main priorities:

  • domestic abuse
  • single and youth homelessness
  • preventing homelessness
  • financial Inclusion, welfare reform and economic growth

The strategy and its action plans will be monitored across the Greater Norwich area by officers from Broadland, South Norfolk and Norwich City Council as well as representatives from statutory and voluntary sector organisations.  

An accessible version of the strategy is also available.

Our Rough Sleeper Strategy 2022 to 2025

The South Norfolk and Broadland Rough Sleeper Strategy 2022 to 2025 articulates the Council’s vision to eliminate rough sleeping in the two districts.

The statement is complementary to the Greater Norwich Homelessness Strategy 2020 to 2025.

The Rough Sleeper Strategy has four priority areas:

  1. Prevention: Rough sleeping is prevented.
  2. Intervention: Offer the right accommodation and support at the right time. No second night sleeping rough.
  3. Recovery: The impact of the service is positive and long-lasting for the customer.
  4. Systems: Working together to eliminate rough sleeping.

If you'd like further information on our Homelessness Strategy or Rough Sleeper Statement please contact us by email to rdunsire@s-norfolk.gov.uk.