Community Connectors

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Community Connectors are working from many GP surgeries across the districts delivering social prescribing. This is a non-medical solution to social, emotional and practical issues that may be causing health problems or making them worse. 

It's a way to access extra services and support through a GP, nurse or health care professional, to improve your health and wellbeing. 

Community Connectors can help you to:

  • be part of your community
  • have positive relationships
  • gain skills and feel confident
  • have a warm and safe home
  • be free from money worries

Community Connectors can also put you in touch with activities and groups in your area, or support you to start your own project, group or event.

Social prescribing can lead to many positive outcomes, including:

  • helping you feel healthier and happier
  • getting you involved with your local community
  • linking you with new friends and like-minded individuals
  • helping you back into work or accessing training and education
  • helping you manage financial problems

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