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Please see below answers to frequently asked questions when new Council Tax bills are issued.

Our phone lines can be particularly busy during the annual billing period (March and April), so we would encourage you to check whether your question is answered in one of the following sections before trying to call us.

Why have I received a paper bill when I signed up for e-billing?

We have recently changed our computer system and we are in the process of migrating the e-billing information.  This has meant some residents who have signed up to receive an e-bill have been issued a 2024/25 council tax bill in paper form.  We will continue to migrate the remaining customer accounts who have signed up to e-billing so that their future bills will be issued by e-mail.

How much will I pay?

To check the charges that are in place across all our parishes, download all our charges to check how much Council Tax each parish will pay in South Norfolk.

You can find out your Council Tax band on the government's website.

The Council Tax Guide forms part of your Council Tax bill and provides further information you may find useful. Please click here to see your Council Tax Guide for 2024/25.

Why has my Council Tax gone up?

The South Norfolk Council element of your Council Tax has increased by 3% for 2024/25 and other components that are charged by Norfolk County Council and the Police also have increased. The charges set by your local town or parish council may also have changed.

South Norfolk Council Tax Charges for 2024/25

On average the Council Tax bills for 2024/25 across South Norfolk have increased by 4.9% (see table below for more details).

How can I reduce my monthly payments?

You can reduce the amount you pay us each month if you currently pay your Council Tax over 10 monthly instalments by switching to pay over 12 instead. If you’d like us to make this change, click here to send us an email.

How much has my Council Tax charges increased (including Adult Social Care)?

Precepting body 2023/24 (£) 2024/25 (£) Increase (£) Increase (%)
Norfolk County Council - Main 1,396.26 1,443.96 47.7 3.0
Norfolk County Council - Adult social care 196.38 228.15 31.77 2.0
Norfolk Police and Crime Commissioner 302.94 315.90 12.96 4.3
South Norfolk Council 165.00 170.00 5.00 3.0
Subtotal 2,060.58 2,158.01 97.43  
Special expenses (average) 0.14 0.14 0.0 0
Subtotal 2,060.72 2,158.15 97.43  
Town and parish councils (average) 92.52 99.52 7.00 7.6
Total 2,153.24 2,257.67 104.43 4.9

Precept for Norfolk County Council

The overall charge levied by Norfolk County Council, which has increased by 5.0%, includes an extra amount they can charge but it must be used to help pay for Adult Social Care (an explanatory statement from the government about this can be found in your Council Tax Guide).

This is how the council tax increase for Norfolk County Council is calculated for a Band D household:

  • the total 2023-24 charge was £1,592.64 
  • add £1,592.64 x 3% = £47.70 for the General council tax increase 
  • add £1,592.64 x 2% = £31.77 for the Adult Social Care Precept increase 
  • gives total 2024/25 charge of £1,672.11 

The following table shows the changes to Norfolk County Council’s overall Council Tax charges (by band). 

Norfolk County Council - Council Tax by band

Please note:  This table only relates to the precept for Norfolk County Council.  The total amount of council tax charged in each band can be found above in the section titled 'Why has my council tax gone up?'.

Property band 2023/24 (£) 2024/25 (£) Increase (£) Increase (%)
A 1,061.76 1,114.74 52.98 5.0
B 1,238.72 1,300.53 61.81 5.0
C 1,415.68 1,486.32 70.64 5.0
D 1,592.64 1,672.11 79.47 5.0
E 1,946.56 2,043.69 97.13 5.0
F 2,300.48 2,415.27 114.79 5.0
G 2,654.40 2,786.85 132.45 5.0
H 3,185.28 3,344.22 158.94 5.0

The money raised will have to be spent exclusively on adult social care. Find out more about Norfolk County Council's Council Tax, complete a webform or call them 0344 800 8020

Precept for The Office of Police and Crime Commissioner

The precept increase was endorsed by the Police and Crime Panel. This increase in precept of £12.96 is 4.3% and takes the band D amount to £315.90. 

You can find details of the Police Budget and Council Tax on the Police and Crime Commissioner’s website.

Why has my parish council precept gone up so much?

South Norfolk Council is not responsible for setting parish council precepts and has no power to control them. Your local town or parish clerk will be able to answer this question for you.

Click here to find the contact details for the clerks of town and parish councils.

What are special expenses?

Special expenses are used as a mechanism to charge elements of the Council Tax to specific areas of the district. These are services that South Norfolk Council carries out on behalf of the town or parish council in specific areas only. South Norfolk Council provides foot way lighting in Costessey and Gillingham.

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