Register a death

Tell us Once is a service that lets you report a death to most government organisations in one go.

Before you use Tell us Once

You’ll need the following details of the person who died:

  • date of birth
  • National Insurance number
  • driving licence number
  • vehicle registration number
  • passport number
  • the date they died

You’ll also need:

  • details of any benefits or entitlements they were getting - for example State Pension
  • details of any local council services they were getting - for example Blue Badge
  • name, address, telephone number and the National Insurance number or date of birth of any surviving spouse or civil partner
  • name and address of their next of kin - if there is no surviving spouse or civil partner or their spouse or civil partner is not able to deal with their affairs
  • name, address and contact details of the person or company dealing with their estate (property, belongings and money), known as their ‘executor’ or ‘administrator’
  • details of any public sector or armed forces pension schemes they were getting or paying in to

You need permission from any surviving spouse or civil partner, the next of kin, executor, administrator or anyone who was claiming joint benefits or entitlements with the person who died, before you give their details.

More informaton can be found in the DWP's video.