Received your 24/25 Council Tax demand or Benefit Notification?

Frequently asked questions

I have told you of a change and my Council Tax bill or Benefit Notification is incorrect

If you have already advised us of a change to your Council Tax, Council Tax Assistance or Housing Benefits we will make any relevant changes and send you a new demand and notifications.

Please refrain from contacting us to chase progress, unless you are threatened with homelessness or in an emergency situation. We are receiving a number of calls of this nature, and it is causing further delay in progressing changes to Council Tax and applications for Benefit.

I have moved address

If you haven’t already notified us, please tell us here that you've moved address. 

I would like to manage my account online

Please sign up to view you Council Tax account

My instalment free months have changed from previous years

If you have previously paid your Council Tax bill over 10 months and the months with no instalments were anything other than February and March, we are unable to offer these instalments moving forward. If this causes you any hardship or you will have difficulty paying, please contact us.

I will have difficulty paying my Council Tax bill

Find out if you are entitled to any help.

Please also see our difficulty paying your Council Tax bill page.

I receive Housing Benefit or Council Tax Assistance and my circumstance have changed 

Please report your change in circumstances to us. 

I would like more information about my bill

Find out more about your Broadland bill.

Find out more about your South Norfolk bill.

What are the Special Expenses on the Council Tax bill?

The District Council Special Expenses are for the provision of footway lighting. A number of parishes in Broadland have street lamps/columns in addition to the street lights that are provided by Norfolk County Council for highway purposes. Some parish councils have chosen to take on the management of these lights themselves and the running and maintenance costs would therefore be included in their parish precept.

However, the street/footway lights of other parishes continue to be managed and maintained by Broadland District Council and as such the residents of these particular parishes are charged a ‘District Council Special Expense’. The costs of these lights have increased in recent years due to the age and gradual deterioration of the columns.