Council Tax bands and charges

All domestic properties are given a Council Tax valuation band by the Valuation Office Agency.

These bands are based on how much a property was worth on 1 April 1991, for England and Scotland (1 April 2003, for Wales).

Band Property value at 1 April 1991
A up to £40,000
B £40,000 to £52,000
C £52,000 to £68,000
D £68,000 to £88,000
E £88,000 to £120,000
F £120,000 to £160,000
G £160,000 to £320,000
H Exceeding £320,000

Your Council Tax is a combination of charges that are set each year by Norfolk County Council, The Office of the Police and Crime Commissioner, Broadland or South Norfolk Council and your town or pairsh council.

More information on Council Tax charges specific to a property located in either Broadland or South Norfolk areas can be found below. 

Broadland Council Tax charges
South Norfolk Council Tax charges