Broadland Council Tax discounts and exemptions

Single resident discount

The full Council Tax bill is based on two adults living in a property. An adult is defined as anybody over the age of 18 years. The bill is not increased if there are more than two adults living in your property, but can be reduced if there is only one.

If you are the only adult occupier of your property you may apply for a single resident discount of 25%.

Apply for a single resident discount.

If you are already claiming a single resident discount you must inform us immediately if another adult moves into your property, or anyone living at the property reaches the age of 18. You may still be entitled to a claim another discount, for example if the other person is a student at school or college.

Patients in residential care

If a person who normally lives at your address is now living in a residential care home or hospital and is not intending to return home, you may be eligible for a Council Tax discount. 

This will depend on how many adults remain at the property.

If the property is left unoccupied on a permanent basis then a Council Tax exemption may be applicable.

To apply please provide details to the Council Tax team.

Full time students

If all the residents in your home are full time students you may qualify for an exemption from Council Tax.

The definition of a full time student is someone who is enrolled on a full time university or college course lasting at least one academic year, attending at least 24 weeks in that academic year and the course involves at least 21 hours study each week during term time.

If all the residents in your home but one are students a 25% discount can be granted. If there are two people in the household who are not students, no discount can be granted at all.

Apply for the exemption or discount. You will need to attach a copy of your student exemption certificate provided by your college or university. 

Providing or receiving care

If your property is unoccupied because you have vacated to live elsewhere to provide care you may be eligible for an exemption from Council Tax.

You may be eligible to claim an exemption from Council Tax if your main home is left empty as you have gone to live with someone else in order to receive care. 

You must be providing or receiving care due to old age, disablement, past or present alcohol or drug dependence, or past or present mental disorder.

Contact the Council Tax team to find out more about claiming these exemptions.

Severe mental impairment

A property will qualify for a Council Tax exemption if all of the occupants are severely mentally impaired.

Severe mental impairment is defined, within the legislation, as meaning a person who has a severe impairment of intelligence and social functioning (however caused) which appears to be permanent.

If all the residents but one are severely mentally impaired a 25% discount can be granted. If there are two people in the household who are not suffering from severe mental impairment, no discount can be granted at all.

Please note that in order to qualify for this reduction, a doctor will need to certify that the applicant is severely mentally impaired within the legal definition.

Email us for an application form.

In order to be eligible for the exemption or discount the applicant will need to be in receipt of one of the qualifying benefits listed on the form that we send and supply their award letter.

Further discounts available

When looking at the number of adults living in your property, certain people are disregarded for the purposes of Council Tax. 

If people living in your property are disregarded for Council Tax this may give rise to a 25% or 50% discount.

Dependant on your household circumstances the following discounts may be available:

  • full time students and student nurses
  • school or college leavers
  • 18 or 19 year olds in receipt of child benefit
  • apprentices or youth training trainees
  • full time carers (excluding those caring for partner or child)
  • members of visiting forces
  • members of international headquarters and defence organisations
  • members of religious communities
  • partners of students who are not British
  • diplomats
  • patients resident in hospital
  • patients in residential care or a nursing home
  • persons who have a severe mental impairment
  • hostel or night shelter residents
  • persons in detention

For more information on these discounts please send us an email.