Hedgerow removal

If you wish to remove any hedgerow growing in, or adjacent to, certain types of land you will need to tell us using a Hedgerow Removal Notice.
Types of land affected include any common land, protected land, or land used for agriculture or forestry. It also applies to land used for breeding or keeping horses/donkeys, nature reserves and areas of scientific interest.
The hedgerows regulations do not apply to any hedgerow within the boundary of a private residential property.
If you need further advice please contact us using the details below.
You can apply online to remove a hedgerow.
You will need to:
  • provide your name and address
  • select Hedgerow Removal from the list of application types
  • upload the necessary documents including maps

Apply now

Alternatively, you can download a printable application form and send it back to us together with the necessary documents.