Chairman of South Norfolk Council

Each year at the annual general meeting, which is usually held in May, South Norfolk Council elects its Chairman and Vice Chairman. The Chairman chairs the full meetings of the Council and represents the Council at civic events inside and outside of South Norfolk.

The Chairman for 2022/23 is Councillor James Easter and the Vice Chairman is Councillor Yvonne Bendle

The Chairman has chosen to support the following charities during his civic year:

The role of the Chairman

The role of the Chairman is to uphold the Council's constitution and act as an ambassador for the Council and the community it serves. As an ambassador, the Chairman will represent the Council at external engagements and host civic events.

The Chairman of the Council is appointed at the Council's annual general meeting. The position is held for a one-year period and is apolitical. A Vice Chairman is also appointed.

Inviting the Chairman to an event

To invite the Chairman to an event, please consider what role you would like the Chairman to have and give as many details as possible. The Vice Chairman may be able to attend your event if the Chairman is committed to another engagement.

To invite the Chairman to an event, please email  Alternatively, please write to the Civic Office, South Norfolk Council, Thorpe Lodge, 1 Yarmouth Road, Norwich, NR7 0DU.

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