South Norfolk Council Joint Scrutiny Committee

The Joint Scrutiny Committee meets on an ad-hoc basis linked to the key stages of collaborative working between Broadland District Council and South Norfolk Council, as reports are progressed through for member decision at each authority.

The Committee is comprised of six members from each Council.

South Norfolk Countil Committee members:

  • Councillor B Bernard
  • Councillor D Bills
  • Councillor B Duffin
  • Councillor D Elmer
  • Councillor J Hornby (Chairman)
  • Councillor T Spruce

Broadland District Council Committee members:

  • Councillor T Adams (Chairman)
  • Councillor P Bulman
  • Councillor D King
  • Councillor G Nurden
  • Councillor S Riley 
  • Councillor N Shaw

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  • 2019

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