South Norfolk Council Aldermanic Review Panel

The title of ‘Honorary Alderman’ is awarded to former South Norfolk councillors, in recognition of the service they have given to the council and their community. The appointment of Honorary Aldermen takes place once in every four year term of the Council, at a Special Meeting of the Full Council.

The Panel is chaired by the Chairman of the Council. It is made up of the Leaders of both the majority and main opposition groups and any current Members who have previously served as Chairman of the Council.

Honorary Aldermen are entitled to certain rights and privileges:

  1. Enjoy the courtesy title of ‘Honorary Alderman’ and to be addressed as such
  2. Receive invitations to all Civic events to which Members of the Council are invited
  3. Wear the Badge of Office of Honorary Alderman on Civic occasions
  4. Have the council flag flown at South Norfolk House at half mast, upon death
  5. Enjoy such other privileges as the Council may confer upon them from time to time.

Former councillors who have been appointed as Honorary Aldermen. 

July 2019: Mrs Vivienne Bell, Mr David Goldson, Mr Colin Gould, Prof Murray Gray, Mrs Sue Thomson, Mr Garry Wheatley, 

July 2015: Mr Bill Dinneen, Mr Tim East, Mr Ronnie Hoare, Mr Glyn Walden, Mr Keith Weeks, Mr Martin Wynne, 

July 2011: Mr John Halliday, Viscountess Sheelin Knollys, Dr John Peterson, Mr Peter Smith, Mr Sid Taylor, Mr Ken Warman

June 2010: Mr Basil Cook, Mr Arthur Cook, Mrs Jocelyn Rawlence, Mr Neville Chapman, Mrs Vera Alexander, Mr Richard Carden

Certificate of appreciation

In July 2015, former County Councillor Adrian Gunson was awarded a ‘certificate of appreciation’ for his outstanding contribution and services to the people of Norfolk.  Although never having served on the South Norfolk Council, the Council wished to formally recognise the service he had given to the residents of South Norfolk, through his Norfolk County Council role.

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