New property bins

New property wheeled bins are charged to all newly built properties. Developers building new houses will be asked to pay for the procurement, storage, delivery and administration costs of the provision of the bins for their new properties. If developers do not pay this it will be the first occupants who have to pay this. 

We would advise all residents to speak with there developer to see if they are going to pay and if they have already paid. Once paid fill in the form below, If they havent a payment will be needed. 

We ask all residents place their property name/number onto all their bins to enable our crews to correctly identify which property the bin belongs to. This can done using stickers or permanant marker. This will ensure a more efficient service and we thank you for your cooperation.

Why do the first set of bins need to be paid for?

The councils have historically covered this cost for home owners but as funding from central government has reduced and the demand for bins continue to rise.

What is the charge covering?

The charge covers the cost of buying the bins, storage, delivery and administration. This transaction does not constitute a sale and the bins remain the property of the councils and cannot be taken with you if you move home. It covers the emptying of the bins only, no side waste will be taken.

Doesn't my Council Tax cover the cost of wheeled bins?

Council Tax covers the collection and disposal of your waste (in the bin) but the one-off cost for the wheeled bins when a property is first occupied is not covered. This policy is becoming increasingly common amongst Councils as we have to manage our finances more carefully.

Why are some developers paying the charges and others are not?

The option whether to cover the cost lies with each individual developer/builder and so you should raise this with them.

My neighbour did not have to pay and I do - why is this?

This would need to be raised with your developer/builder as they may have paid for you neighbours bin and not yours.

I am in receipt of benefits/low income are there any reductions?

No, there are no reductions in price for any residents. There are no concessions or payment plans available. The cost will need to be covered in full. If you are unable to make payment, you will need to make alternative arrangements to dispose of your waste, for example, taking it to a Norfolk County Council Recycling Centre.

Can I take the bins with me if I move house?

No, the bins must remain at the property as they are owned by the councils. If you take the bins with you then we will be in contact to take payment.

What happens if I don't pay?

If you do not make payment then we are unable to deliver the bins to you and will not collect your waste. If you refuse to pay you will be served with section 46 notice under the Environmental Protection Action 1990 and/or other legislation. The notice requires you to provide the necessary container for your waste. Failure to comply may lead to a fixed penalty notice and/or prosecution.

Can I use my own bins?

No, we will only empty bins provided by ourselves.

Can I use sacks instead?

No, we will only collect waste in our bins to ensure they are compatiable with the lifting equipment on our vehicles to prevent injury to our staff and damage to our vehicles.

What if I fly-tip my waste?

Fly-tipping is illegal and if caught you will face a fine and/or imprisonment.

What if I have built a new or converted house myself?

You will be liable to pay for the bins.

How long will they take to arrive?

They can take up to 10 working days to be delivered from the form below being completed and payment made. They will not need to be signed for.

The bins cannot be collected from council offices and this is only for refuse and recycling bins, garden waste is ordered and charged separately.


Only order bins when you are within 10 days of moving into the property. Any ordered before this will not be completed.

If you are unsure which district you fall under, please check your local council before submitting the form below.

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