Missed bins

There may be several reasons why your bin was missed so please check that none of the points below apply to you before reporting your bin as missed.

We will not return to bins where the crew have reported one or more of the below:

  • bin not out - bins need to be placed out for collection by 6:30am for Broadland and South Norfolk residents. Bins in both districts can be collected at any time of the day up to 4pm as rounds can change at any time for operational reasons
  • bin not accessible - bins should be presented for collection on or by the edge of the public highway. Crews should and will not go onto your property to retrieve your bin unless you have an assisted collection in place
  • lid up - bin lids must be fully closed to enable a safe collection
  • contaminated - your bin must not be contaminated, please check what can go in your rubbish bin or what can go in your recycling bin or what can go in your garden bin
  • side waste - for recycling should be in a clear sack or in a box that can easily fit inside the bin. No glass or breakables should be in the side waste, this should be placed in the bin. Side waste is only collected on occasions and is decided by the crews. This decision is final.

If you still believe that your bin has been missed then please let us know.

Report a missed bin in Broadland

Report a missed bin in South Norfolk

If you are unsure which district you fall under, please check your local council you fall in before submitting the above form by clicking here.