Unpleasant smells, vermin and pests


Manure spreading

Broadland and South Norfolk are both rural districts and a lot of farming activity takes place at various times of the year, including muck spreading which can be unpleasant for short periods but is unavoidable due to the nature of the activity. We would usually expect the odour to subside within a 24-48 hour period, If it does not, please get in touch using the links below to report the problem.

We can also investigate complaints of:

  • smells from business premises, such as restaurants and takeaways
  • smoke smells, for example, from bonfires, wood burners or cigarette smoke

We cannot investigate:

  • domestic smells such as cooking 

To make a complaint:

  • you will need to provide your contact details
  • please include the time, date, duration and location of the problem
  • please let us know of any action you have already taken

Report an unpleasant smell if you live in Broadland or South Norfolk

In the majority of cases an officer will contact you to discuss the problem and arrange a visit if necessary.

Your details are kept confidential from the subject of the complaint, although you may need to give evidence if your case goes to court.


At certain times of the year, usually during warmer weather, flies will be seen in your property and are perfectly normal. If you are experiencing higher numbers than usual, this could indicate a problem nearby, and the council can investigate this for you.

Please report your problem using our online form below and an officer will be in touch to discuss this further with you.


Report a problem of flies in Broadland or South Norfolk

Rats and mice

Please see our separate pages on rats and mice:

Broadland Pest Control

South Norfolk Pest Control