Noise issues

Where noise is regular and loud, it may be considered a problem and we may be able to help you resolve it.

There are no set noise levels that people must stick to; it is really a question of what is reasonable behaviour. Each case is different and we must consider facts carefully before we take action.

The following is not considered to be anti-social behaviour:

  • general living noise - ‘general living’ includes noise such as vacuuming, walking around, doors opening/closing, general conversations 
  • children playing noise - play is an essential part of every child’s life and vital for the enjoyment of childhood as well as their health, wellbeing and development.  Although some types of behaviour can be annoying, children playing in the street or communal areas is not antisocial behaviour.

We can investigate noise from:

  • domestic noise such as shouting, music
  • dog barking
  • parties
  • DIY and building noise (where it is excessive and unreasonable)
  • businesses including pubs and clubs
  • bird scarers
  • cockerels
  • house alarms
  • fireworks
  • public address systems

We cannot investigate noise from:

  • children playing
  • roads (including noisy exhausts)
  • railways
  • aircraft

If you wish to speak to someone regarding noise from roads, you need to contact the Highways department at Norfolk County Council.

For issues concerning noise from a railway line, you may find the Network Rail website useful.

Noise complaints regarding planes or flight paths should be directed to Norwich Airport.

When people live close to their neighbours, a level of noise should be expected and accepted. Many noise issues can be resolved with your neighbour by having a polite word to make them aware and ask that noise levels are reduced. You can also use our 'Dear Neighbour' letter below.

Download our 'Dear Neighbour' letter template here

How do I report a noise problem?

If the problem is regular you can make a complaint using the links below. You may need to provide further information detailing times, dates and how you are being affected. This information may also serve as some of the evidence required should we need to take legal action. Please be aware that we will contact the person making the noise, however your details will not be divulged to them. Nevertheless we need to take your details as anonymous complaints cannot be investigated.

Report noise if you live in Broadland or South Norfolk