“We are more than just bins” says local councils

A row of older houses in different colours on a street, with blue skies behind and a tree on the right

Broadland District and South Norfolk Councils have launched a new campaign to raise awareness of some of the Council’s services that affect residents the most.

'What your Council does for you' will be running on social media over the next two weeks and will feature short videos of the councils’ cabinet members talking about some of their lesser-known services.

Broadland Council’s Deputy Leader, Cllr Trudy Mancini-Boyle, said:

“Yes we collect the bins, but we do so much more than that. A lot of what we offer directly affects people every day – even though they may not realise it.”

“It’s your district council that keeps the streets you walk on clean, maintains the open spaces where you walk the dog and the play areas your children enjoy. We ensure the food you eat from restaurants and takeaways is prepared hygienically and that when you take a taxi, you reach your destination safely.”

Grounds maintenance, food safety and licensing are just a few key areas the councils will highlight. Other services mentioned in the campaign include the councils’ support of local business, the provision of sports facilities and the funding they provide
to the local communities.

South Norfolk Council’s Deputy Leader, Cllr Kay Mason Billig, said:

“We provide over 80 services to the communities we serve. We work to improve people’s lives every day, from the little things like picking up dog bins, to really making a huge difference, for example, through the work of our Early Help Hub which has positively impacted the lives of over 15,000 individuals and families. We hope this campaign will really highlight all the different things the councils do for their residents.”

You can read the Councils' delivery plan for the next two years here.  

Published: 11 April 2022