Have your say on Council Tax Assistance

10 pound note with a pen and calculator

A 10-week consultation which looks at potential changes to the Council Tax Assistance schemes in Broadland and South Norfolk begins on 13 September 2021.

Each year Broadland District and South Norfolk Councils review and approve their schemes, and consult with customers and stakeholders as part of this process.

All residents are invited to share their views on proposed changes that would take effect from April 2022, and submit any other comments they would like to contribute to the decision making process via an online survey on the council’s joint website.

Each council has their own Council Tax Assistance scheme so the consultations will run separately, and they each start and end on the same date due to the two councils’ ongoing collaborative working.

The consultations presents a series of new options, differing for each district, the reasons behind the proposals and how it may affect customers.

To help the councils develop and update the Council Tax Assistance schemes ahead of any decisions being made, head to our joint website.



Published: 13 September 2021