Flooding advice

If a property has become flooded please call 999 to request the fire brigade to pump out the water.

Norfolk County Council are the Lead Local Flood Authority, if your property has been flooded please report it to Norfolk County Council.

The Environment Agency is responsible for managing flood risk and minimising the impact of flooding from main rivers and the sea. They provide extensive information about what to do before, during and after flooding. If you would like to receive live flood warnings from main rivers and the sea, please contact the Environment Agency Floodline on 0345 988 1188 or register for live flood warnings.

Surface water flooding

Surface water flooding is caused when the volume of rainwater does not drain away through the existing drainage systems or soak into the ground, but flows over the ground instead. Any incidents of surface water flooding should be reported to the Water Management Team at Norfolk County Council by calling 0344 800 8020.

If the water is coming from the highway, Norfolk County Council Highways may be able to assist. The Norfolk County Council website provides further information on flood and water management.

Flooding in the home

Residents experiencing surface water flooding into a property are advised to try and divert the water away from the property using the following items:

  • plastic sheeting
  • compost bags
  • wooden boards

As a last resort carrier bags filled with gravel or soil can help with diverting water.

A practical advice leaflet about what to do to protect you and your property before, during and after flooding is available on the government website.

Flooding affecting roads or pavements

If flooding from drains is affecting roads or pavements, please contact Norfolk County Council Highways department on 0344 800 8020 or report the flooding online.

Flooding from burst water mains

If a water main or sewer has burst and has caused flooding you should contact either Anglian Water or Essex and Suffolk Water


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