Broadland and South Norfolk blue plaque scheme

Applying for a blue plaque

Broadland District Council launched a blue plaque scheme in 2018, to celebrate significant people that have lived or worked within the district and had an important impact. Since its launch, six plaques have been established across the Broadland area, highlighting key politicians, engineers and activists, and in 2021/2022 the scheme will now be expanded to the South Norfolk area.

We want to shine a spotlight on anyone whose life and achievements made a significant difference, and have not been previously recognised by a plaque.

To be eligible for a blue plaque the nomination must meet the following criteria:

  • the individual or group of people being commemorated must have been dead for at least fifty years and must be connected with the Broadland or South Norfolk area in some way
  • the nominee/s must have had a significant impact on either the local or national community for the greater good, and documented evidence must be available
  • some historical references must be supplied with the application to assist our researchers to establish facts
  • there should be no other plaque already in place in the UK to commemorate the person or group
  • the property to host the plaque should have a direct link with the person nominated, and be the original building they would have been familiar with, alternatively a local public space should be available for placing the plaque
  • the property or local public space nominated to display the plaque must be within the Broadland or South Norfolk area
  • no more than two plaques are allowed on one building, and there should be at least 20 metres between any two plaques
  • a maximum of one plaque can be erected per person nominated

Applications made will be reviewed for their historical accuracy, eligibility with the scheme criteria, and appropriate location installation. Applicants may be contacted to discuss their nomination in further detail. The successful nominees will be selected by a small panel of council members. In January each year and up to three plaques will be erected per district area.

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