Food safety - what we do

We carry out inspections in businesses where food is stored, handled, prepared, distributed or sold to check food safety requirements are being implemented in businesses across Broadland and South Norfolk.

We advise and educate food businesses and take enforcement action where appropriate.

These are some of the things we do:

  • we carry out regular checks on food businesses to ensure that the public are protected and high standards are maintained. Inspections usually take place without prior warning, the frequency of these visits will depend on the type of food being prepared and produced and the food safety practices and procedures. The highest risk businesses are visited more frequently than lower risk businesses
  • during inspections, officers expect to see good food safety practices being implemented at all stages from the receipt of the ingredients through to the final stages of preparation, packaging or service of the food
  • we expect businesses to be able to provide accurate information to customers about the ingredients, particularly any allergens in the food they provide
  • we provide a rating between 0 (urgent improvement is required) and 5 (very good) to businesses which fall under the Food Hygiene Rating Scheme, you can check a food hygiene rating before you eat out
  • we support and advise both new and existing businesses regarding food safety requirements and carry out enforcement when hygiene and standards are not met or maintained
  • we sample food which is produced, sold or manufactured in Broadland or South Norfolk for microbiological examination to ensure it meets food safety requirements

We provide an effective and efficient food safety inspection programme to ensure food safety is improved and maintained, supporting and encouraging businesses to make any necessary changes and with a proportionate response to enforcement where businesses do not maintain satisfactory food safety standards. To find out more about this or to make a complaint, please see the food complaints pages

Food, Safety and Licensing Team

Telephone: 01603 430488