Broadland - unoccupied properties

Properties in disrepair

If you have an unoccupied and substantially unfurnished property which requires major repair work or structural alteration full Council Tax will still be payable.

Since April 2019, there have been changes to council tax payments for empty properties. Please view the table below for charges which are payable in addition to your normal full council tax bill.

Empty property premium

Time property has been empty

Additional charge from April 2019 Additional charge from April 2020 Additional charge from April 2021
between 2 and 5 years 100% 100% 100%
between 5 and 10 years 100% 200% 200%
longer than 10 years 100% 200% 300%

We offer a wide range of assistance to owners of suitable empty properties to help bring them back into use. Please contact our Private Sector Housing team for advice. For all other queries, please email our Council Tax team.

If the property is in a derelict condition it is possible that the Valuation Office may remove it from the Valuation List meaning Council Tax is no longer payable.

A property is only considered derelict if it:

  • is not possible to live in it, for example because it’s been damaged by weather, rot or vandalism
  • would need major structural works to make it ‘wind and watertight’ again

Please visit the Valuation Office website for further details.