Gender pay gap reporting

Gender Pay Data

We believe our core values, employment policies and practices have resulted in a working environment where the contribution of every employee is valued with fair and equal opportunity to progress and develop regardless of their gender.

The Gender Pay Gap takes the average difference between the average hourly earnings of men and women across the workforce.  It is not the same as equal pay; unequal pay is where a person of one sex receives less pay for doing the same job and is of course illegal.  The council has a very effective equal pay policy, however a gender pay gap would exist if, for example, the majority of women are employed in lower paid roles and men in senior ones.

Both the mean average results and the median results are published. The median point is preferred as a realistic measure of a ‘typical’ employee, otherwise results can be affected by the presence of a small number of people on very high levels of pay.

Our Gender Pay Gap results for 2021/22 are shown below:

Mean- One Team: 6.2%

Mean- Broadland District Council: 23.2%

Mean- South Norfolk Council: -0.75%

Median- One Team: 0.5%

Median- Broadland District Council: 22.0%

Median- South Norfolk Council: 10.1%


Our Gender Pay Gap results for 2020/21 are shown below, please note only SNC stats are able to be published externally for the snapshot date required: 

Mean- South Norfolk Council: 0.93%

Median- South Norfolk Council: -9.2%


Our Gender Pay Gap reports can be seen below:

Broadland District Council gender pay gap reports 

South Norfolk Council gender pay gap reports