What is Community Infrastructure Levy (CIL)

CIL is a non-negotiable levy introduced by the government. It allows local planning authorities to raise funds from developers and individuals who are undertaking building projects in their area. This is a way of making sure that all relevant development contributes towards new infrastructure such as schools, transport and leisure facilities that are needed to support population growth.

The majority of CIL collected from Broadland, South Norfolk and Norwich City Councils is pooled into the Greater Norwich Infrastructure Investment Fund (IIF). This fund is used to support a list of infrastructure projects, known as the Growth Programme, which have been approved annually by the Greater Norwich Growth Board. You can download the latest Growth Programme.

You can find the latest CIL charges for Broadland District and South Norfolk Councils at:

Development within the area of Broadland and South Norfolk which is administered by the Broads Authority will not be liable for CIL unless they adopt their own charging schedule.

If you wish to learn more about the levy you can find more detailed information at:

About the Community infrastructure Levy on the Planning Portal website.

Planning Portal CIL Forms

Government Guidance Community Infrastructure Levy