Community Coach Development Bursary

The Community Coach Development Bursary supports Broadland and South Norfolk coaches who wish to complete a course to aid their coaching.

The Community Coach Bursary Scheme will provide maximum funding of £300 or 75% of total costs, whichever is lowest. Grants of up to £300 can provide support on a one-off basis. Athletes who have received a grant from this scheme in the last 2 years cannot apply*.

For example, if a coach undertaking a Lawn Tennis Association coaching course, at a cost of £450 with £40 travel costs, applied for funding a successful applicant could be awarded the maximum grant of £300. Similarly, if a coach wanted to undertake a Football Association’s qualification at a cost of £320 with £20 travel costs, a successful applicant could be awarded £255 (75% of £340).

Grant funds are limited and are subject to availability.


  1. Coaches must live in Broadland or South Norfolk.
  2. Sports must have a governing body recognised by Sport England.
  3. There is no age limit to apply for the Community Coach Development Bursary.
  4. Payments from the Community Coach Development Bursary will be made to coaches on the successful completion of the course and certification provided. Successful applicants have six months to provide course completion evidence unless otherwise agreed at the time of awarding, failure to provide course completion evidence may result in the grant being revoked.

How do I apply?

All applications must be made on the official forms and submitted by post or email to or posted to Communities, Broadland District Council, Thorpe Lodge, 1 Yarmouth Road, Norwich, NR7 0DU.

The application must be supported by a referee who will support your application and can offer detailed first-hand knowledge of you and your activity. This may be your club’s Chair, a local Governing Body Officer etc. The referee cannot be a close relative to the coach.

The Community Coach Development Bursary fund has limited resources. We can therefore not guarantee that your application will receive support as funding is subject to availability.

If you would like to apply for the Community Coach Bursary Scheme please complete the application form.

Communities Team

Address: Thorpe Lodge, 1 Yarmouth Rd, Norwich NR7 0DU

Telephone: 01603 430611