Carbon footprints

The carbon footprints for both Broadland District and South Norfolk Councils have been calculated.

We have used 2018 to 2019 as our baseline year. These footprints form the basis of our ambition to decarbonise our activities in order to achieve net zero emissions by 2030. We will calculate our footprint each year and publish it so that you can see our progress.

The reports so far show fairly stable emissions but recently we have taken steps to significantly reduce them including; committing to moving to the Horizon building (which has a very large solar array), switching the Broadland waste fleet to run on HVO (hydrogenated vegetable oil) and installing solar panels on South Norfolk’s leisure centres. These reductions will show in later reports.

We have also produced a Decarbonisation Plan that sets out the actions we’ll take to achieve net zero emissions.

Broadland District Council 

Broadland carbon footprint report 2021/22

Broadland carbon footprint report 2020/21

Broadland carbon footprint report 2019/20

Baseline Broadland carbon footprint report 2018/19

South Norfolk Council 

South Norfolk carbon footprint report 2020/21

South Norfolk carbon footprint report 2019/20

Basline South Norfolk carbon footprint report 2018/19