South Norfolk car park permits


Please find below some answers to some of our most frequently asked questions that may be able to assist you with parking.

How does the Check In Check Out system work?

Please be advised of the following signage which appears, in a window, on all of our Pay & Display ticket machines, which explains how the “Check In Check Out” system works.

It states the following:

“Not sure how long you’ll need?  Try Check In, Check Out.

This allows card payment users to “Check In” on arrival and “Check Out” when you leave, paying only for the exact amount of your stay.  Remember to “Check Out” to avoid being charged for the maximum stay.

When using this option, the maximum stay charge is pre-authorised against your card, until you “Check Out”, then the pre-authorised charge is approved or adjusted which may take up to 4 days.”

Therefore, if you Checked Out and have a receipt for £0.50 this is what you will be charged and the pending amount will adjust and therefore no refund will be needed.

If this is not case, please send to, a copy of your bank statement showing the maximum £4/£5 amount taken (not pending) and the last 4 digits of the card/s you used and we will refund onto your card directly.”

No restrictions present/Residential areas

“Please be advised that Civil Enforcement Officers(CEO’s) can only enforce where signs and lines exist, such as yellow lines and time plate restrictions. 

We are unable to enforce the Highway Code, which is used wholly for best practice as a  guide and although some rules are mandatory, its ultimate aim is to promote road safety. If there are no restrictions in place, CEO’s are powerless to prevent inconsiderate parking, such as parking on the path.

The Police still deal with any obstruction/visibility issues and any which will cause particular problems for emergency vehicles gaining access to  properties, and should be contacted directly in these cases.”

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