Electric charging points

South Norfolk Networks has now transferred to EV Dot as the CPO provider.  The InCharge App and RFID card will no longer operate the charge points.

To access the charge points, you will need to download the EV Dot App from the Apple or Android stores.

Once downloaded and you have registered as a user, either scan the QR code on the label located to the righthand side of the charge point, or enter the unit Serial Number into the App.

If you prefer to access the charge point with an RFID card, then you can request a new RFID card.

It is also possible to register your existing InCharge (or any RFID card) to work on the EV Dot charge points. There is a short Youtube video that explains how to do this. It needs to be completed at the charge point and will need a registered EV Dot account to complete the process.

The charge points will continue to be powered by 100% renewable energy.

The electric points can be found in the following car parks:

Use Zap Map to find charging points anywhere in Great Britain. Information is provided on the location, type and status of the charging points.