Car parks

We provide free parking across our market towns and villages in Broadland at eight locations, providing over 300 spaces in total.

We also own 17 off-street car parks, providing nearly 900 spaces in market towns across South Norfolk where pay and display is in operation in Diss, Wymondham and Loddon.

Parking on the car parks is allowed for all classes except:

  1. Vehicles exceeding 1.524 tonnes in weight, 5m in total length or 2m in height.
  2. Vehicles drawing trailers, caravans or other wheeled objects.

Please be aware that we do not treat the surfaces of our car parks during cold weather.

We do not charge for parking in a designated disabled bay, if a valid Blue Badge is displayed.

Information on disabled parking and Blue Badges can be found on the Norfolk County Council website.

South Norfolk car park permits

Find out more about the car parking permits and illegal/inconsiderate parking in the South Norfolk area.

Not sure how long you need to park for? Try Check In and Check Out

Our new ticket machines accept multiple payment methods, offering users the most up to date and convenient service available. All our machines allow card payment users to 'Check In' when the park and 'Check Out' when they leave, paying only for the exact amount of time they stay. Simply follow the instruction screens when you visit the machine.

Please remember to check-out when you leave to avoid being charged for the maximum stay.

When using this option, the maximum stay charge is pre-authorised against your card, until you “Check Out”, then the pre-authorised charge is approved or adjusted which may take up to 4 days.”

For information on thow to use the pay by phone option on our new Pay and Display machines please visit the Ring Go website.

Electric charging points

Find out more about electric charging points and where they are located across the South Norfolk area. Find out more about the GRIDSERVE electric car charging forecourt located at Broadland Gate.

On-street parking dispensations

Disabled parking and Blue Badges

A Blue Badge is a disabled parking permit that allows people who are registered blind, or those with severe mobility issues, easier access to public facilities. Norfolk County Council issue Blue Bages, find out more and apply for a Blue Badge.

Parking tickets

If you receive a parking ticket (Penalty Charge Notice) in South Norfolk, you will need to pay the Borough Council of King's Lynn & West Norfolk who manage this service on our behalf. Details of how to pay or challenge the parking fine are on the back of the Penalty Charge Notice. Find out more about parking tickets.

Report car park maintenance

If you wish to report an issue with a car park then please contact us: 

Parking information

Find out more about the parking summary.

For Broadland and South Norfolk on-street parking information please contact Norfolk County Council.

Car parks

Broadland and South Norfolk.

Telephone: 01508 533920