Report a change in my circumstances

Whilst you are in receipt of Housing Benefit and/or Council Tax assistance you must tell us about any changes that may affect your claim. You are responsible for telling us about these changes within one month of the change.

If you don’t tell us of your change, you may have to pay the money back, not get the money you’re entitled to, or lose your benefit.

Examples of some changes:

  • you have moved home
  • your wages or hours worked have changed (includes changes such as bonuses, overtime, tax changes)
  • you have lost your job
  • you have started a new job
  • your other benefits have changed
  • your capital increases over £6,000
  • someone has moved in or out of your household (includes if you have had a baby, or someone has died)

If you’re not sure - tell us anyway. You can send us information and proofs to the below email address or for South Norfolk residents you can fill in our change in circumstances form. 

Broadland Benefits Team

Telephone: 01603 430602

South Norfolk Benefits Team

Telephone: 01508 533633