Additional bins

We can provide larger bins for those households who need it.

Once you have requested your larger, or additional bin, please ensure when you are awaiting a larger bin you leave your current one at your normal collection point. Failure to do this will result in the request being closed and not completed. 


A 240 litre rubbish bin should provide a family of four enough capacity for the two weeks between collections.

To qualify for additional capacity you must meet certain criteria to qualify. We do not take excess waste.


As the council is continually looking to encourage recycling we will provide a larger recycling bin free of charge. Please remember the recycling must be clean, dry and not bagged.

The crews will try where they can to take excess waste. However this must be dry, not bagged and must be able to fit into the bin. If it rains and the excess is cardboard or in cardboard we will not be able to take it. The crew must empty all the bins on the round, so if they are near capacity they will leave side waste to ensure all the bins will be emptied. 

We ask all residents place their property name/number onto all their bins to enable our crews to correctly identify which property the bin belongs to. This can be done using stickers or permanant marker. This will ensure a more efficient service and we thank you for your cooperation.

Order a larger refuse and or recycling bin