Planting wilder woodlands in Broadland

Planting a new woodland or hedgerow is a wonderful legacy for the future. 

Trees and woodlands are hugely beneficial: helping to fight climate change by storing carbon, good for our health and wellbeing as well as being a home to a wealth of wildlife, and helping to support improve our local biodiversity. A few simple steps can be taken to make sure that new planting really does help wildlife.

Broadland District Council and Norfolk Wildlife Trust are hosting a webinar on Wednesday 9 November, 6pm - 7:30pm, to support communities and individuals to include those steps in their tree and hedge planting plans.

During the webinar Helen Baczkowska from Norfolk Wildlife Trust will provide information about how to encourage wildlife in planting plans and respond to questions from participants about their own plans and aspirations. 

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We encourage those attending to submit questions in advance if possible although there will be opportunities to ask questions during the session too by emailing

There will also be information about grants available from Broadland District Council for tree and hedge planting within the district.