Broadland Country Park

The Sweet Chestnut Family Cycle Trails

The trails

Sweet Chestnut Family Cycle Trails map

The Butterfly and Toadstool trails are accessible for disability and adapted bikes. There are three trails to explore, each roughly 750 metres in length.

Butterfly Trail - Choose between straight and wide or float and glide through the narrower trail.*

Toadstool Trail - The simplest and widest trail with long straight sections.*

Squirrel Trail - The most challenging trail with weaving twists and turns or bumps and dips.

*Accessible for disability and adapted bikes.

Download a map of the trails

The trails feature two rest areas for families to stop and enjoy a picnic surrounded by the beautiful woodland.

The trails were built by a dedicated team of volunteers, who worked tirelessly to set out and design the routes over 15 months.

When you visit

Broadland Country Park is unsupervised, so whilst using our cycle routes we ask that visitors follow our 8 Steps for Cycle Safety:

Broadland Country Park - 8 Steps for cycle safety

We ask that visitors ensure everybody’s enjoyment and safety on the trails by being kind and respectful to each other and the woodland.

Make sure the park and trials stay clean and tidy and a great home for wildlife by taking your rubbish home with you.

If you see any issues with the trails, please get in touch with us at

Young girl and family cycling on the Sweet Chestnut Family Cycle trails


The Sweet Chestnut Family Cycle Trails were made possible with funding from British Cycling’s Places to Ride Fund.

British Cycling's Head of Business Planning and Transformation Andy Farr said: “British Cycling is delighted to be supporting the brand-new cycle trails in Broadland Country Park. The trails will encourage families and the community to come together, allowing people of all ages and abilities the opportunity to discover the joy of cycling.

"Trails like these can also be the first step on the journey for the next generation of cycling champions, with the likes of our Great Britain Cycling Team heroes discovering their love for cycling as children on their local paths.

The Places to Ride programme has been made possible through a new £15million commitment from the Government and will be delivered over the next three years through a partnership of British Cycling, Sport England and the Department for Culture Media and Sport (DCMS).