Broadland: Gateway to a greener future

Volunteers installing a new gate at Jary's Meadow

A local conservation group recently received £410 from Broadland District Council to fit a new field gate to the entrance of Jary’s Meadow in South Walsham.

Blofield and District Conservation Group (BADCOG) received the funding after contacting local Councillor Paul Newstead. Cllr Newstead who is the elected member for Blofield with South Walsham allocated the money from his £1,000 Ward Funding.

He said:

“I was delighted to be able to support this fantastic group that does so much for the local community. Many of the beautiful sites around the area are maintained and enhanced because of the hard work and selflessness shown by these passionate volunteers.”

For the last 40 years volunteers from BADCOG have been helping to take care of the local conservation sites, including ponds, churchyards and woods. They purchased Jary’s Meadow next to Walsham Fen in 2005 and have been managing and improving the 2.5 acre site ever since.

BADCOG Chairman Tony McKie said:

“Jary’s meadow is a lovely site with a wide range of flora and fauna. Over the years we have planted a variety of native trees and shrubs to further enhance it for wildlife.

“The new gate will ensure there is a safe entrance for local residents and visitors, while protecting the site from off-road vehicles.”

BADCOG also look after 14 other important conservation and wildlife sites in the area, including the Council-owned Snowdrop Acre in Witton. The site was once the garden of decorated First World War hero Hayrick Antony Greatorex who moved to Norfolk with his family in 1915. After the war, he pioneered the breeding of snowdrops, with more varieties of named snowdrops being derived from his garden than any other in Britain.

Cllr Newstead said:

“Snowdrop Acre is a really special site and historically and botanically very important. We are very grateful to all the volunteers who give up their time to take care of it and help preserve it for future generations.”

Tony added:

“We are a very sociable group who like getting outdoors and getting some exercise, while helping to make a difference to our local environment. We are always looking for new members, so please contact me if you’d like to join us. We have work parties every other weekend and whether you come to one a year or to every one, you would be very welcome!”

Currently the group has around 40 volunteers and holds work parties every other Saturday. For more information, please visit the BADCOG website.

For information on Councillor Ward Funding and other community grants, please visit our communities pages.


Published: 12 March 2024