Broadland District Council agrees balanced budget

10 pound note with a pen and calculator

At its meeting on Thursday Broadland District Council agreed a £ 46 Million balanced budget for the coming year.

It was also agreed at the meeting that Council Tax would increase by £5 to £134.91 for a band D property.

Broadland District Council Leader, Sue Holland said:

“This is one of the most important meetings in the Council’s calendar. This is where we set out our budget and our financial needs for the coming year to provide the services and support to residents across our district.

“Local authorities are united in highlighting the issues they face following a sustained reduction in funding over the past decade. The government originally announced a 3% funding increase, a below inflation figure, but then increased it to 4% following representation from councils across the country. This funding figure was on the expectation that councils will increase their Council Tax by the maximum amount, something virtually every council has been forced to do.

“As other councils are forced to dip into their reserves, an action that is simply not sustainable I am proud that Broadland District Council has been able to agree a balanced budget, while still providing the vital services that support both our residents and our local economy.”

The Council also agreed a new four year plan, underpinned by a two year delivery plan designed to meet the council’s new objectives. The plan will also ensure that the council can continue to deliver the services that make a real difference to the lives of its residents.

The delivery plan sets out the pieces of work that the council aims to deliver in the next two years to achieve the vision and priorities set out in the Council’s plan. Some examples are:

Deliver the Building Future Plan
Support local development by reducing the barriers to employment, supporting individuals into employment and education with a particular focus on green skills.
Increase employability support to improve the resilience of working age households and meet the needs of the local economy.

Development of business case for the Taverham Hub
Deliver a new community hub (including a GP surgery) as part of the new Marriotts Park development in Taverham.

Develop school holiday provision, and activities to enable children and young people to flourish.
Increase community led support for young people to provide safe, positive spaces and diverse activities.

Ensure programmes support working parents and meet the needs of the most vulnerable in society
Enable parents and carers to access appropriate childcare during the school holidays

Expand our help hub offer as part of our health and wellbeing strategy, through working within the Health and Wellbeing Partnership.
Work in partnership to ensure earlier interventions for people, such as poor mental or physical health.

Deliver an intervention model that reduces pressure on core council services.

Work with businesses to utilise Corporate Social Responsibility to support residents and communities most in need.
Increase income into the Council to fund non-statutory prevention programmes.

Review the Council Tax assistance scheme
The council is required to regularly review the scheme to ensure it is fit for purpose.

Deliver the final year of the Pride In Place programme
Improved community engagement through volunteering opportunities and events.

Deliver resilience and capacity in the community through co-production
New or improved community facilities and investment in communities to increase community cohesion and engagement and improve local facilities

The Council’s four year plan and two year delivery plan can both be found on the Council’s website.

Published: 23 February 2024