Broadland: Renewal of the drain at Thorpe Island set to commence

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Broadland District Council confirms that operational work for the renewal of the drain at Thorpe Island, Thorpe St Andrew is scheduled to commence during the week beginning October 30 2023.

This critical regulatory project is being undertaken in default of an enforcement notice and will prevent sewage from entering the watercourse.

The responsibility for maintaining adequate drainage from the island to the main sewer system falls on the landowner. Despite extended periods provided to comply with an enforcement notice, it has yet to be carried out. The work in default being undertaken by Broadland District Council is in accordance with the powers contained within the s.59 of the Building Act 1984.

The District Council has diligently worked to meet the regulatory requirements stipulated by law to ensure a smooth and compliant process. The administrative groundwork has been completed, and the necessary licences and agreements are in the finalisation stage. Once these are secured and subject to weather conditions, work on renewing the drain will begin as planned.

The project will involve pipe excavation works on the river banks and professional divers entering the water to perform the necessary tasks. As a result, we request that all individuals operating boats in the vicinity exercise caution and adhere to any safety signage and instructions the on-site crew provides.

Broadland District Council will issue a further statement upon completion of the work.

Published: 25 October 2023