Broadland's Community at Heart Lottery raises £100,000 for local good causes

Broadland community lottery logo

Broadland District Council's Community at Heart Lottery has surpassed the milestone of raising more than £100,000 for the local community.

This money has been paid directly to a wide variety of good causes across the district to support their good causes, such as charities and community projects, since the lottery's first draw in 2021.

Every supporter of the lottery has contributed to raising these funds for the 88 local non-profit groups who have signed up as part of a fun and effective way to raise money for their valued services in the community.

Cllr Natasha Harpley, Cabinet Member for Communities and Housing and Deputy Leader at Broadland District Council said:

"I am delighted with the success of our Community at Heart Lottery over the past two and a half years and it's absolutely amazing to see the lottery making such a difference to Broadland residents. The funds raised have helped local good causes to deliver their services and have proven to be vital to many, especially during the pandemic and the ongoing cost of living crisis. I would like to express my heartfelt thanks to all of our supporters in helping to reach this funding milestone."

A grand total of £112,605 has been raised for good causes to date through the lottery. In addition, as part of its support to registered good causes, Broadland District Council has provided bespoke social media training sessions at Carrowbreck House, free of charge, to help them grow their membership and supporters.

Norwich Door To Door's Funding and Community Engagement Manager, Kathleen Shirley, said: “Funds raised ensure our buses get out on the road and that beneficiaries remain actively involved in their communities. By getting people out of their homes, the charity helps relieve loneliness, improves wellbeing and encourages independence”. 

Taverham Band's Jim Hamshaw said: "During the pandemic, the band was, effectively, 'mothballed' for almost two years. The lottery has helped greatly in the short term by way of 'keeping the lights on' as far as continuing outgoings were concerned when engagement income was nil.” 

Slow Food Aylsham Chair Patrick Prekopp said: “Lottery funding has enabled us to create two recipe books for foodbank users, and afford to print more of them to help people cook simple, healthy food."

Aylsham Community Gym Trustee Derek Player said: "The Community at Heart Lottery provides the gym with a steady income stream."

Darren Stubbs from Spixworth Youth Football Club said: “The lottery is a fantastic help to supplement our income and keep our subscriptions as low as possible."  

Not-for-profit groups that benefit Broadland residents can sign up to be part of the lottery for free at any time via the lottery website. As well as receiving 50% of the profits from tickets they sell, they also receive marketing materials and get their own Community at Heart Lottery web page. 

The lottery gives players the chance to win weekly cash prizes up to the £25,000 jackpot for just £1 per ticket. Fifty per cent of the £1 ticket goes directly to a good cause of the player's choice and a further 10% goes to the Council's Keep It Going grant funding pot, which supports not-for-profit projects that bring communities together and may be facing barriers to sustain themselves due to the rising costs of living. 

Purchase tickets to support good causes. Tickets cost £1 per week. Players must be 18 or over

Published: 19 October 2023