Consultation to protect residents now open

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Broadland District and South Norfolk Councils have each opened a formal consultation on proposed Public Spaces Protection Orders to tackle vehicle related anti-social behaviour.

They would welcome the views of their residents.

Broadland and South Norfolk are two of the safest places to live in the country but unfortunately, across both districts, some residents have been regularly disturbed in the evenings and late into the night due to vehicle related anti-social behaviour.

There have also been reports from retail parks and business outlets where drivers are using their vehicles to intimidate other car park users and damage property.

Both Councils have been working with the Police to identify the best way to use their powers to reduce the impacts of this anti-social behaviour.

A Public Spaces Protection Order provides an opportunity to set the standard of behaviour required in a specified locality and provides Police and Council enforcement officers with the opportunity to engage early when they believe behaviours may fall below that standard.

Before making an Order, the Councils must consider the views of its statutory partners including the wider community – it is, after all, the community that is most impacted by any poor behaviour.

It is proposed that each Council makes an Order which covers their entire district operating between 6pm on Thursdays to 6am on Tuesdays – these are the key times that reports of disturbance have been made to the Police and or Councils. The responses to the consultation may suggest changes to these proposed times.

A review of each Order, if made, would take place after 12 months, to look at whether the intervention has reduced the impact and whether the Order is still required.

Consultation letters have been sent to Norfolk Police, the Office of the Police & Crime Commissioner for Norfolk, Norfolk County Council Highways and every town and parish council clerk in each district.

If you are a Broadland or South Norfolk resident, please share your views by taking part in the consultation.

Published: 15 August 2023