South Norfolk: Wymondham gym gets an upgrade

Man trying out the new equipment in the gym at Wymondham Leisure Centre with a member of staff assisting him

A new workout experience has arrived at Wymondham Leisure Centre.

As part of South Norfolk Council’s ongoing commitment to invest in its leisure facilities and the health and wellbeing of its residents the Council is introducing EGYM to Wymondham Leisure Centre.

EGYM is state of the art gym equipment powered by smart technology. It offers personalised workout experiences suitable for everyone, from beginners to experts.

South Norfolk Cabinet member Richard Elliott said:

“The Council is continuing to invest in all our leisure centres. We have installed new Matrix equipment in Diss and now we are putting, new state of the art, equipment in Wymondham.  Keeping fit should also be fun and this new kit will ensure you enjoy your workout.”

Most gym equipment is designed to fulfil a specific function that doesn’t necessarily adapt to the individual’s needs. For example, a pulldown machine can’t customise a workout to your individual abilities. Leg curl machines don’t dynamically change settings as you progress through your workout.

With EGYM, all you have to do is enter your fitness goals and relevant health data and the new EGYM equipment will automatically adjust resistance levels based on your personal goals and ability.

This not only reduces the risk of injury but ensures you enjoy an efficient workout and stay motivated. EGYM’s in-built exercise guidance is a great way of helping you lift and release weights at the correct tempo, helping you to maximise the benefits of your workout. It’s also a way of introducing more fun to your session.

The equipment at Wymondham Leisure Centre is;

Seated Row
Chest Press
Ab Crunch
Back Extension
Leg Press
Leg Curl
Shoulder Press
Lat Pull
Fitness Hub

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Published: 20 December 2022