Fly-tipping will not be tolerated in Broadland or South Norfolk

A pile of rubbish flytipped on the side of a road

Two local councils are calling on residents and businesses to dispose of their waste responsibly, or they could face a hefty fine.

In the last 12 months, Broadland District and South Norfolk Councils have carried out 206 fly-tipping investigations, resulting in fines for businesses and residents who have broken the law and blighted the countryside with their waste.

South Norfolk Cabinet member for Clean and Safe Environment Councillor Michael Edney said:

“We live in a beautiful part of the world and we want to keep it that way. Fly-tipping is selfish and harmful to the environment and wildlife, it blights our countryside and costs taxpayers over £50K a year to clean up. If you are caught fly-tipping, we will not hesitate to fine you.”

Just this month, a mobile catering business was issued with a £300 fixed penalty notice for fly-tipping business waste in a lay-by near Diss. Not only did the owner have to pay the fixed penalty, but also had to pay for the waste to be removed by a licensed waste contractor. The owner was also advised on how to dispose of waste properly and legally in the future.

And it’s not just the people that fly-tip that are at risk of receiving a fine. Householders have a responsibility to ask anyone offering to clear their waste where they are going to be taking it and to ensure they are a licensed waste handler.

In April, a woman from Harleston was issued with a £300 fixed penalty notice after handing over her household waste to an unlicensed waste carrier. The waste was later found fly-tipped in a ditch on Earsham Road, Hedenham. The council advised her on what she must do to get rid of her waste properly in the future.

Councillor Judy Leggett, Portfolio holder for Environmental Excellence for Broadland District Council, said:

“While fly-tipping is relatively low in Broadland, it is a serious offence, which could lead to prosecution. If you are suspicious, or the price quoted seems very cheap, decline their offer and opt for a reputable company instead. If your waste is found dumped you could be held liable and be issued with a fine, so don’t risk it!”

Report fly-tipping in South Norfolk.

Report fly-tipping in Broadland.

Published: 18 May 2021