Privacy notice update

South Norfolk Council privacy notice update

Over the last challenging years, South Norfolk Council has assisted thousands of residents through difficult times, often making a significant difference to their lives.

Knowing that the Council is available and being able to request support online or via telephone, regardless of the issue, provides residents with confidence that their concerns will be heard and that every effort will be made to provide support.

Our Help Hub is an innovative way to help residents navigate the various support structures available to help those in need - regardless of whether they are delivered by the Council itself or by partner organisations, who all work in the district together to offer 70 essential services. The ethos is to provide these services when they are most required and can have the greatest impact, and more importantly, before problems escalate.

This approach means that people can access all 34 support agencies via a single contact, making things much easier and ensuring that all available help is provided as quickly and as simply as possible.

To enhance the support provided by the Help Hub, South Norfolk Council is changing the way in which it uses data. Presently, information held by the Council can only be utilised by the team that gathered it. The change will enable Council teams to share information internally and to utilise information held by Norfolk County Council, which will help us provide better targeted support and advice.

The Council recognises that there are residents who find it challenging to ask for help, and this modification will make it much simpler for the Help Hub to proactively contact the residents who are most likely to require assistance and to pre-empt what that aid may entail.

The information will be held on a secure computer system and will be analysed and evaluated by an appropriately qualified staff member who will liaise with the relevant teams to ensure that appropriate help and support are offered to the resident.

This change will not replace the council's obligation to fulfil its statutory duties, and the council is altering its Privacy Notice to inform residents of the change.

View the updated Help Hub privacy notice here.

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