Play Streets Grant

What are play streets?   

Play streets (or ‘playing out’ sessions) are neighbour-led, short, road closures, creating a safe space for children to play freely together on their doorstep. Any street is eligible provided it is not on an active bus route.   

Play streets typically allow children to play freely, without organised games or activities. In practice, this means children cycle, scoot, skate, chalk, skip, hopscotch, kick a ball around and make up games.    

This model was first developed by parents on one street in Bristol in 2009 and has now been taken up by hundreds of street communities all over the UK. 

The key features of this model are:  

  • resident-led and organised  
  • short, regular road closures  
  • free, child-led play  
  • all neighbours consulted and included  
  • road legally and safely closed to through traffic  
  • stewarded by residents  
  • car access at walking pace  
  • simple, ‘normal’ – not a street party!  

For further information and advice please visit Play Streets.  

How it works   

Norfolk County Council can use their existing powers under road traffic legislation to allow temporary street closures for a one-off event or at regular weekly or monthly intervals, typically for three hours at a time. Local parents and other residents act as marshals, allowing their neighbours to drive to and from their homes at walking pace, while through traffic is re-directed. The result is usually a significant increase in children playing out and making friends on their street. In turn, adult neighbours get to know each other, and community spirit grows.   

At present Norfolk County Council are currently waiving street closure fees for all play streets events.   

This initiative supports our shared aims to build community cohesion and encourage communities to live active and healthy lives.   

To apply for a Road Closure visit Norfolk County Council

For further information on bus routes search via Norfolk County Council Public Transport

What is the Play Streets Grant? 

The grant offers up to £75 to communities who wish to take part in the Play Streets initiative. This may be used to fund:  

  • low-cost items such as games and sports equipment for children and families to use during the play streets session 
  • any promotional activities to get the event up and running

What support we can offer 

  1. Our Community Capacity Officers are available to offer guidance and support. 
  2. Loaning of our road closure signage (subject to availability). 
  3. Advice and questions about road closures and how to organise a safe event. 

It is recommended that the grant is provided on the basis that at minimum 4 events are planned on any street to ensure an opportunity to build interest and traction.   

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