Mindful Towns and Villages

Wellbeing Champions

Broadland District and South Norfolk Councils are offering free training with the Norfolk and Suffolk Foundation Trust's Wellbeing Service, Thriving Workplaces and Evolve to make Broadland and South Norfolk more 'Mindful Districts'.

By offering community groups and small businesses two types of free mental health training and support from our Help Hub, we will support towns and villages to achieve 'Mindful Town' or 'Mindful Village' status, with the tools to develop a community-led network of Wellbeing Champions. 

What does becoming a Wellbeing Champion involve?

Becoming a Wellbeing Champion will involve working with your Town or Village Network to improve awareness of mental wellbeing. This is predominantly a sign-posting role and being available for guidance within the community when needed.

To become a South Norfolk and Broadland Wellbeing Champion, individuals must be associated with a local community group or small business and undertake at least one of the training options offered in our free programme. These are:

  1. Mental Health First Aid Champion Training. This is a one day course in person, or two half days online provided by Thriving Workplaces.
  2. Wellbeing Champion Training. This is up to a 2 hour course provided by the Norfolk and Suffolk Foundation Trust’s Wellbeing Service.

Wellbeing Champions will be issued with a pack that includes information on Broadland and South Norfolk Councils’ Help Hub, local services and how to refer people to a specialist mental health support worker should a resident need further assistance.


If you have already completed mental health training elsewhere and would like to become a part of our Wellbeing Network, please send us your certificate with your consent to add you to the Network and your address to send a Wellbeing information pack.

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