Mindful Towns and Villages

What is a Mindful Town or Village?

South Norfolk and Broadland District Council is working with the NSFT Wellbeing Service, Thriving Workplaces and Evolve to become more 'Mindful Districts'. 

The project offers free mental health education and awareness training to representatives of local businesses, community groups or Town or Parish Councils or any other local organisations to become 'Wellbeing Champions'. These Wellbeing Champions will then be able them to recognise mental health issues and provide low-level support and guidance to individuals in the community, alongside support from the Councils' Help Hub.

To be recognised as a 'Mindful Town or Village', a certain number representatives from the local community need to commit to becoming Wellbeing Champions. 

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Communities that are interested in becoming a Mindful Town or Village should aim to create a network of champions, depending on the population of the town or village to achieve 'Mindful’ town or village status:

  • large towns (+10,000) - 15+ champions
  • small towns (-10,000) - 10+ champions
  • large villages (+2,500) - 7+ champions
  • small villages* (-2,500) - 5+ champions

*Individuals applying from smaller parishes are encouraged to create a network with bordering communities 

To become a 'Mindful' Town/Village a maximum of 2 members from each community group or small business must commit to completing at least one training option to become a Wellbeing Champion for their Town or Village Network.

Apply for Mindful Town or Village status

When the required number of individuals have completed the training in the area the town/village will receive window stickers to make residents aware where they can seek support. These can be displayed to show that the place is a safe place to talk and has a Wellbeing Champion for support.

A member of our team will also be in touch to discuss further support for the network.

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